Our Suppliers

Meet reliable and creative suppliers who respect deadlines.

Send us your inquiry and we'll help you find the right partner for your business.

We believe in sustainability, that's why we work with BSCI Certified suppliers and carry out regular inspections.

What Do Our Suppliers Offer?

Certified Units

Suppliers are up-to-date with BSCI Certification and follow strict health and safety rules in their factories.

In-house Designers

Having their own designers saves time and money invested in sourcing multiple suppliers for a single collection. 


By communicating in local languages and working closely with our suppliers we are able to provide daily updates.

Factory Visits

You can meet our suppliers and have a feel of their factories.

We visit them on a regular basis, assisting them every step on the way to achieve your target.


Suppliers are able to arrange samples for materials and final products.

We inspect samples before they are sent out.


Working with international brands, suppliers are able to create new collections, develop new material, fulfill shipping dates and much more.

Learn more by getting in touch.

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